Terms and Conditions


Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. No more than four guests of any member allowed at one time without prior approval from the owners. Please limit each guest's use of the facility to three times per season. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests, and guests must be informed of club rules. All guests are to park in back lot only.

Beach and Picnic Areas

  • Please use refuse containers provided on the premises.
  • All cigarette butts are to be placed in designated containers.
  • Do not store baskets, bags, equipment, food, etc. on picnic tables when not in use.
  • Do not use more than one picnic table per family or member during weekends and holidays.
  • No individual charcoal or gas grills permitted. Use only charcoal grills provided on premises.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Members are expected to clean up after pets.
  • Absolutely no gasoline cans allowed on premises, except on the gas dock, per State Law.
  • Do not sit on top of picnic tables.
  • Please put bottles and cans in designated receptacles, located near pavilion.

Docks, Slips and Water


  • Do not leave bottles on the dock or throw them in the lake.
  • Observe all safety rules of swimming and boating.
  • No running on docks.
  • All Docks Must be paid for by July 1st of that year of marina will pull boat until payment is made.
  • No equipment is to be left on docks.
  • Do not litter. Do not leave anything on docks that could blow into the water.
  • Absolutely no gasoline cans are allowed on premises by State Law.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on docks.
  • All tie ups must be at least ½" cord.
  • Any damage to docks will be charged to the member responsible.
  • You use docks at your own risk.
  • Do not leave any unsecured items on watercraft that could blow into the water.
  • Nothing shall be attached to docks by members without prior permission from Marina management.


  • Lakeside parking members will have two member static cling stickers to display on the front on the rear view mirror of their vehicle to be used by the members and immediate family only. The sticker will designate the member's assigned paved parking place and must be displayed to park.
  • All members may use the designated loading zone near the gated entrance to load and unload their vehicles.
  • Guests may park in the back lot only. Guests may use the loading zone.
  • Please DO NOT PARK in the The Pointe Bar & Grill parking lot or the Ship Wreck Party Store parking area. Violators will be towed at owner's expense.
  • Vehicles found in Lakeside parking without a pass will be towed at the owner's expense. Please be cautious.


  1. Copy of Registration
    The Marina will require a copy of the Michigan Boater Registration for all watercraft in our Marina. Please present your registration to the Marina office where a photocopy will be made.
  2. Club Retention of Rights to Marina Slips
    The Marina is the property of Seven Brothers Enterprises, LLC and is operated under a permit issued to the Marina by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. As such, the Marina maintains authority over all slips rented to members. The Marina retains the right to suspend or terminate slip privileges for violations of Marina Rules or for actions taken in such a manner as to prejudice the Waiting List, the Seniority system, or the established procedures of fair treatment of members in accessing the Marina.
  3. Adherence to Letter and Spirit of Rules
    These rules are intended to cover situations that expect to arise. However, all situations cannot be anticipated nor will the wording of the rules always be clearly applicable to all situations. In a situation where a rule is not specific to that situation or where it can be argued that the letter of the rules are complied with, but it is clear the spirit of the rules has been violated, the management of Seven Brothers Enterprises, LLC will determine if a violation exists and take proper action if necessary. Management will adhere to the principles of fairness in access to and use of the Marina, safety and protection of watercraft and Marina property.
  4. Proof of Boat Ownership
    To maintain the integrity of the Waiting List, to ensure that slips are being used by members who have properly earned their seniority position in the Marina, and to conform to the rules for our Marina permit, the Marina requires proof that the watercraft moored in the slip is owned by the Slip-Occupant of Record or an immediate relative. A copy of the watercraft registration shall be on file in the Marina office to verify ownership of the watercraft and to conform to marina permit requirements.
  5. Changing of Assigned Boat Slips
    At the conclusion of the boating season, all members must submit their requests for Slip Allocation for the following season by November 1st to the Marina Office. Slips will be assigned to existing members based on accommodation of craft and seniority. Members who wish to retain a slip must also submit their request by November 1st to the Marina office, and shall be given first right of refusal for retention of that slip provided member has made the seasonal deposit by March 1st of the following season. New members will be given the opportunity to rent a slip based on availability and priority on the Waiting List.
  6. Occupancy of Slips
    By June 15 of the Marina season, slips in the Marina must be occupied or Management must be notified of a delay of use. Under no circumstances can a slip be sublet by a Member. No deposit refund after June 1st. Slip balance must be paid in full before use. Exceptions allowed only through management.
  7. Agreement Between Members to Exchange Slips
    A member with an assigned slip may exchange that slip with another member with an assigned slip provided that the Marina office is notified of the change and the exchange of watercraft does not exceed each slip's dimension restrictions. A member may not grant the rights of an assigned slip to a non-member or a person on the Waiting List.
  8. Responsibility to Provide Updated Information
    It is the responsibility of the Slip-Occupant of Record and any person on the Waiting List to provide the Marina with updated information regarding contact information. Additionally, a Slip-Occupant of Record must provide the Marina with updated information on a change of craft moored in an assigned slip, including a copy of the watercraft registration.


Owners of watercraft in the Marina are responsible for damage to their craft and neighboring craft resulting from failure in the lines or hardware mooring their watercraft. For these reasons, it is important that members regularly inspect their mooring lines and hardware for potential failure. The following procedures apply to ensure that moorings do not fail nor does damage occur:

  1. The Marina will attempt to inspect the docks and slips on a regular basis for failure or near-failure in mooring configurations and where conditions exist where damage is being done or could likely occur should corrective measures not be taken. In these instances, and when Marina staff is available, corrections will be made by the Marina to correct the problem. A fee will be assessed to the boat owner(s) involved. ONE phone call will be made to the boat owner(s) involved by the Marina to inform them of the problem and the corrective measure taken.
  2. The Marina will not assume the responsibility to assure that a member is informed of a problem or correction beyond ONE initial phone call. Members must always have a current phone number on record at the Marina office.
  3. The Marina is not responsible for any damage as a result of improper moorings.

First Aid

A First Aid Kit is available in the Ship Wreck Party Store. It is strongly recommended that members always have their own first aid supplies on hand to fit their personal needs.


This is a family-oriented Marina and Boat Club. Members, their immediate families, and guests will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times, including but not limited to the following guidelines:

  • No profanity.
  • No lewd or obscene gestures.
  • No illegal substances allowed anywhere on premises.
  • No reckless operation of motorized vehicles anywhere on the premises will be tolerated.
  • Members found to be operating a vehicle on the premises or a watercraft within the Marina who are outside the legal limit for alcohol consumption will have their Marina Membership and all rights and privileges suspended for the remainder of the season in which the offense was committed, with no refund of membership fees/slip rental fees.

The above rules may need to be modified from time to time. Members will receive written notification of any change or addition to the rules.

This is your club. Keep it clean and safe. Have a great summer season of boating, swimming, and picnicking, but please be a good neighbor!

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